“TO THE STABLE” It is the area of our dining room, warm and cozy, with solares of old tarima, wooden ceilings, which houses our large wine cellar. A “stall” where you will taste tasty delicacies and you will feel at home from the first moment.

“TO THE GRASS”They are the two outdoor terraces in which to enjoy both when the weather is good and in winter, beside comfortable electric stoves. The main terrace is equipped with artificial turf on the floor and a wooden balustrade simulating a closed farm. A place to knead and to take pleasure!

“DESPIECE-ROOM”The soul of the place! Our kitchen with more than 40 m2. Inside it houses the large grill, the VacaVella engine, and our refrigerator chambers to provide the best product quality to our clients.

“THE GRANARY” It is the area of our warehouse, just behind the large bar, communicated internally with the kitchen.

“DE CAMPO” In the line of our most rooted philosophy … it is the area of the toilets of the premises. The signage in each bathroom door will eventually get you a safe smile 😉

In short, our place is a symbolism of our brand and philosophy, VacaVella, and the world it houses: a set of Flavors and Sense! The criteria and good work of a team of professionals that selects the best Galician cow beef, old cows, over 5 years of age, raised in freedom in our Autonomous Community


We hope you enjoy the climate of our place and its details. From lighting (milk collection cube and lamps that are used to “incubate poles”) to their distribution they have been very careful for your enjoyment. Discover also our poultry farmer and his animals, colorful dairy products, pies to drink cattle … and do not lose sight of our mural of 2.60m x 1.50m tall, with the removal of the parts of a cow. And most importantly, do not forget to enjoy the special flavor of each part of such a rich animal: the Old Cow!